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Well here it is 2013.... we have made it through the supposed Rapture, the Zombie invasion, and yes even the Myans end of days.... so whats next?

Well I admit I was a little down yesterday... well ok.. a lot.... but decided that I cant change people, their views, or their manners.  So instead I will just take each day and have fun.  With that in mind i went panty shopping today.  I love boxing day sales.....I must have bought 20 pairs of panties and 10 bras today.. as well as other intimates.  I have spent my entire evening trying on the new items and decided which outfite they go with best... add in the 2 bottles of Shiraz and yep.. its been awesome

Only thing missing is perhaps a well endowed stranger or buxom lass to ravish me.... takers?????

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